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The South Kingstown Education Foundation (SKEF) is offering (2) $1000.00 scholarships to graduating seniors from South Kingstown High School (SKHS). We invite all SKHS graduating seniors to apply for our scholarship. Applicants will be evaluated on the criteria below, and points are awarded in each category. Winners will be notified through the SKHS Guidance process for scholarship awards, typically an awards night. The two names will also be announced on our website, newsletter, and social media as well as in a press release to local news outlets. 

Applications for the 2024/2025 school year are now open until February 29, 2024

First Name *
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A character reference of no more than 250 characters. The character reference should not be a letter submitted for the purpose of college admissions, but a short note from someone (outside of your immediate family) who knows you and can share a piece of information about who you are as a person. This could be a teacher, a guidance counselor, an employer, a family friend, etc.
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A letter of acceptance to an accredited institution (i.e. art schools, community colleges, universities, Votech programs, etc.).
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Submission of an answer to the question below. Acceptable formats would include – a written response in essay, poem, short play, video presentation or performance through spoken word or acting out a created scene, images of art, photography, collages, submission video or composed and performed music. All submission must address the question below and explain how your created submission answers the question. Please make any video or audio presentation no more then 2 minutes in length and all written formats should be no more then 1 page. o The South Kingstown Education Foundation (SKEF) awards grants to parents, teachers, students, and community members to support innovative educational projects in our schools. Thinking back on your time in the South Kingstown school district, what innovative educational project would you create for the next generation of SK students and how could it inspire these future students?
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Permission to Use
By checking this box, I gvie permission to the South Kingstown Education Foundation to release my name to the public as a scholarship recipient.
Permission to Use and Share
I give the South Kingstown Education Foundation to share my name and creative submission in the following ways: with the school district and SKEF public relations materials (web, social media, newsletters).