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Who We Are


Q1. What does SKEF stand for?
A1. SKEF stands for South Kingstown Education Foundation.

Q2. What is the mission of SKEF?
A2. Founded in 2003, the mission of South Kingstown Education Foundation is to invest in teaching and learning initiatives that foster the breadth and excellence in public schools, transcend traditional school boundaries, and build a community-wide learning environment.

Q3. What kinds of programs or projects does SKEF typically fund?
A3. SKEF typically funds projects that are not normally part of a school budget. The projects need to possess a sound pedagogical basis and a reasonable expectation of success.

Q4. Who can apply for a SKEF grant?
A4. The applicant group is made as inclusive as possible. Teachers, school administrators, students, and community members.

Q5. What deadlines does one have to consider when applying for a grant
A5. The deadline for 2020 is March 1.

Q6. What is the typical award size?
A6. Grant awards are typically do not exceed $1,000. Long-term initiatives do qualify for larger amounts.

Q7. What kind of follow-up must an award winner perform after receiving a grant?
A7. SKEF requires that award winners complete a post-award packet that details the grant’s expenses, measured goals, etc.

Q8. Does SKEF have an office and/or staff?
A8. No. All of the raised funds go directly to grants awards. SKEF is run by a volunteer board of directors. We have chosen to keep our overhead as low as possible to insure all raised funds go where our donors intend them to.

Q9. What is the best way for someone to contact SKEF?
A9. You can email us

Q10. When can I expect to hear if my grant was chosen?
A10: Funding decisions will be communicated in May.

Q11. What if I do not spend all of my budgeted funds?
A: If your project comes in under budget, unused funds should be returned to be applied toward future grants.